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Complete Cloud Solutions

Triomates offers solutions based on cloud technologies for all your technical needs - whether own a business or private applications, or for Internet beginners or experts with top requirements for making their business run effectively and efficiently. We bring our customers online using wide range of cloud based products.

Our Services

Our Services

We offer a cost effective VPS solutions with features of both dedicated servers and web hosting products. A highly customizable web space.


Our dedicated servers provide you with the latest hardware, processors, unlimited traffic and the highest level of server availability.


We offer the affordable way of getting your business online, Wordpress Hosting. Built for performance that with enhanced security too.

Shared Web

With the powerful web hosting plans from Triomates, you can easily set up your successful internet presence. With professional features such as PHP, phpMyAdmin,MySQL, & many more.


We provide the SSLs with best in class encryption i.e. SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, so that you can win the customers' trust. Make your business grow and even improve your Google's search engine ranking.

Web Security Solutions

We provide powerful protection solutions for threats on the internet. like Malware detection & removal, WAF, DDOS, CDN, Brute force prevention, Google blacklist detection and removal.


“Their customer service goes above and beyond to make sure all our issues are resolved and products are set up properly.”

Jawed Khan
Laxmi Hi-tech Solution


Ready to find out more?

We provide dedicated servers (root server), virtual private machines, and web-space with high performance, high reliability, in any imaginable variety and size. And, on top of that, customer support 365 days a year.

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